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"Plant for the Planet"


Since December 2019 we are partners of Plant for the Planet! This means that we invest ten percent of our monthly profits in planting trees and training climate ambassadors.

In addition, we donate €500 to Plant for the Planet every year, regardless of the profit.


What is "plant for the planet"?

More than 91,666 children and young people have already trained each other to become ambassadors for climate justice at over 1,608 academies in 75 countries. We fight for our future by planting trees, giving lectures, protesting and much more.

Why does the world need 1,000 billion more trees?

Restoring lost trees is crucial to prevent the climate crisis. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store the carbon in their leaves, trunks and roots, eventually increasing the carbon stored in the soil.


About "Plant for the Planet"

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