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The history of

Climb for Nature


Unfortunately, the circumstances in the textile industry are usually very bad. Keywords such as environmental protection, renewable energies or fair working standards are foreign words to most textile companies.

"Climb for Nature" wants to change that with their products and the donation program.

Fair trade clothing

Fair Trade Shops, Fair Trade Seals, Fair Trade Clothing, Fair Travel. Fairness is very important these days when it comes to a politically correct attitude. But in addition to an ethical economic responsibility, Fair Trade does so much more: it protects local people from industrial and capitalist exploitation and impoverishment and thus makes an important contribution to sustainable development.

quality assurance

No defoliants, no pesticides and no genetically modified seeds are used in production. The cotton is picked by the workers by hand. This protects the environment because no large harvesting machines are used. Hand picking ensures that only organic cotton is processed.


The printing process

We at Climb for Nature do the printing personally. Only water-based colors are used for our screen printing. This ensures skin compatibility and protects the environment.


water consumption

Humus is a natural plant fertilizer because it safely stores nutrients. In conventional cotton plantations, one finds much thinner humus layers because the nutrients have to be added artificially using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In contrast, a thick layer of humus is a prerequisite for organic cotton cultivation. This means that water can be stored better, which greatly reduces water consumption. 90 percent of the water used is obtained from the monsoon rain.

Our fair
Organic cotton

Our textiles are made from 100% organic cotton. The cotton is sourced in India (in a Fair Trade verified facility) with 90% of the water requirement being derived from the monsoon rains. This ensures a sustainable and efficient cultivation method. 


Our demands on production:

- no Child labor

- no forced labour

- no discrimination

- humane working hours

- valid employment contracts

- safe and healthy working conditions

- Right to trade unions


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